sg1_6244Signe Goldmann is a Danish photographer specialised in flowers, gardens and green urban spaces.

She has a bachelor degree in rhetoric from University af Copenhagen, and for 8 years she was a elected member of City Council in Copenhagen working among other things with city planning and environmental issues.

Today she lives about 100 km from Copenhagen in a nature reserve where she has her own garden between the hills very close to the ocean.

Signe has been photographing most of her life, and her interest in garden og flower photography grew when she startet blogging about her first garden 2011.

A couple of years later she was contactet by the danish magazine VoresVilla and startet to write articles about gardens for them.

In autumn 2014 Signe moved from her litle house i Copenhagen to her new home in the contryside, and a couple of months later she decided to become a fulltime photographer.

Though Signe is specialised in photographing gardens and flowers, she is also doing portraits, weddings and photojournalistic work.

In her free time, Signe is trying to gain some control over her new wild growing garden. You can see pictures of her garden here